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2040 Comprehensive Plan March 2018

The Township has started the process to prepare the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  In the past, the Township has been included within the Scott County Comprehensive Plan, which has planned that the northern third of the Township would be served by the Metropolitan Council sanitary sewer system in the future and has been held for future urban development.  In order to plan for the extension of sewer and installation of water, the Township is preparing its own Comprehensive Plan.

New itemNew - An Open House for public review of the draft  2040 Comprehensive Plan has been scheduled for Monday, October 29th between 5 PM and 7PM at the township hall. Members of the board will be available to answer your questions.

Preliminary  Maps - As the open house date approaches will be publishing a series of maps and documents for review. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a document that identifies important local goals and objectives and guides future growth and development over the next twenty years.  The plan also directs investments in services such as transportation, water and sewer, and parks.

What items are included in a Comprehensive Plan?

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan will include planning for the following items:

  • Locations for housing, commercial and industrial development (Future Land Use)
  • Types of housing
  • Roads, water, sanitary sewer, and drainage
  • Parks and trails
  • Protection of natural resources

What is the role of the Metropolitan Council?

Minnesota is unique in that planning follows a ten-year cycle that starts at the regional level with the Metropolitan Council developing a regional vision and development policies, which is entitled Thrive MSP 2040.  Local communities build upon and personalize the regional goals and objectives through their local comprehensive planning process.  This approach strengthens both local communities as well as the region.   Once a draft of Credit River’s Comprehensive Plan is completed, it will be submitted to other adjacent communities, Scott County and the Metropolitan Council for review for consistency between plans prior to it being adopted by the Township Board.

Follow this link for Scott County's 2040 Planning information.

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Watch for updates and opportunities to provide your ideas at www.creditriver-mn.gov! 

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